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Chilling Sunは世界に一つしかない芸術作品を、複数の空間で、同時に、現実で鑑賞する体験『異空間同時展示』を可能にする、人類初の試みです。現地に行かなければ、感じられなかったオリジナル作品だけがもつ真正性[アウラ]を世界中に分配することで、地域に関係なく、多くの人が等しく現実で鑑賞体験をすることを可能にし、文化をより多くの場所に巡らせます。それは従来の1カ所での鑑賞体験よりも全域的で、オンラインでの鑑賞体験よりも現実的な、両者の間に存在するギャップを緩やかに結びつけてくれる、革新的な体験です。

    異空間同時展示は「真正性の操作」により成立します。Chilling Sunは「梱包」と「複製」という、2つの普遍的な作品への処置を組み合わせることにより、「目の前の作品が本物である可能性」と「任意の地点での同質・同量の情報の存在」の両者を実現させ、アウラの分配を可能にしています。
  1. 作品を用意する。
  2. 作品を梱包する。
  3. 梱包状態の作品を複製する。
  4. 梱包状態の作品群を展示開催地点に送る。この際、梱包状態のオリジナル作品を梱包状態の複製の中に混ぜることで、どこにオリジナル作品があるのか不明にする。
  5. 各展示開催地点では、異空間で同じ作品が展示されている様子と、作品の詳細な3Dデータやコンセプト等のデータを、デバイスを通して確認できる。

Chilling Sun

"Chilling sun" is an exhibition, which makes it possible for us humans to appreciate a work of art in several places simultaneously, in person. It has been impossible for us humans to sense the authenticity of the artwork, aura, without visiting the artwork. By distributing the "aura" of the art all over the world, this exhibition makes it possible for a lot more people to access to the culture of the art, no matter where they are.It is a bigger scale than the conventional exhibition. On top of that, it is a lot more realistic and innovative experience than online art appreciation.

    The simultaneous exhibition of different spaces is established by the "operation of authenticity"; Chilling Sun is a "packing" and a By combining two universal treatments of the work, "reproduction," the "work in front of you is the real distribution of aura by realizing both "the possibility of being" and "the existence of the same quality and quantity of information at any given point". It is possible to.
  1. Prepare the work.
  2. Pack the work.
  3. Duplicate the work in its packaging.
    (If the work is in its packaging, the hurdle of making reproductions is significantly lowered because the details are not visible in detail.)
  4. The works in their packaging are sent to the site of the exhibition. At this point, the original works packaged are mixed in the works and make it unclear whether the work is there.
  5. At each exhibition location, the same work is displayed in different spaces and detailed 3D data of the work and concepts can be checked through the device.
    As a result, the same quality and quantity of information about a work of art exists at every venue, which makes it possible to have an authentic viewing experience at every venue, as well as the possibility that the work in front of you is genuine.
    《What is Aura?》
    A concept proposed by the German thinker Walter Benjamin that existed only in original works and was lost in the era of widespread reproduction technology.