Dummy Space 《Distribution of Authenticity》


  1. Prepare the original.


    Katsuhiko Hibino
    2020/450 x 500 x 500(mm)/Cardboard, gofun, ink, colored pencils

    "PANDEMIC AIRPLANE 2020", created for this project , is a unique and ambitious work that combines an update of "PRESENT AIRPLANE", the starting point of Katsuhiko Hibino's career, with inspiration from contemporary social conditions. In addition to Katsuhiko Hibino's signature cardboard, the details of the work incorporate traditional Japanese art techniques, such as coloring with gofun, a Japanese painting material, and using sumi ink on a dipping pen used in manga.

  2. Pack the original.

  3. Duplicate the original packaged.

  4. Shuffle the original packaged and copies packaged.


    This is where the certificate is mixed.The shuffling of works and the distribution of authenticity in reality is expressed by mixing a certificate written by the artist Hibino with a reproduction of the certificate.

    ■Application-The equal exibitions all over the spaces at the same time

    By distributing authenticity, we can conceptually regard ourselves as seeing the real thing at any viewing point, so we can simultaneously view the one and only real thing in the world at different locations.

    The following is a record of the actual sending of the work to France and the simultaneous viewing of the real thing in both Japan and France.
    Viewers can check the 3D model of PANDEMIC AIRPLANE on your device, so the same information exists in different spaces.

    Packed original and packed copies are all sent to different view point.

    How authenticity was distributed to Japan and France(2020/7/22)

    How authenticity was distributed to Japanese domestic and Taipei(2020/7/12)


    This method of distributing authenticity can be applied to any work. You can check the implementation of the distribution of authenticity of the work of Yusuke Wakata, a contemporary artist, on youtube.

    Distribution of authenticity using other works.(2020/4/26)
    Past Exibition movie

    ■Consideration(In Japanese)
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